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Ballot Measure 3-605

Clackamas County Mail-in ballot

In May 2024, voters will have the opportunity to consider Measure 3-605, which would advise the City Council to create an "urban renewal" district in Town Center. If the measure passes, urban renewal would be used to advance the Wilsonville Town Center Plan, which aims to build a community hub in Town Center.

Urban renewal is a financing tool that reallocates tax revenues from within a defined boundary to fund projects that eliminate blight and facilitate private development. New development expands the tax base to fund public services for all residents in the future.

Wilsonville voters first passed Urban Renewal in 1992. Since then, the use of urban renewal has funded projects like Town Center Park and Murase Plaza—and built infrastructure to facilitate private development, such as the Villebois neighborhood.

While an urban renewal district is in place, the revenues taxing districts receive from properties within the boundary remain flat. This is often called the “frozen base.” Tax revenue growth within the boundary, from new development and annual tax increases that occur with or without urban renewal, are the funds that get set aside for urban renewal projects. When the district closes, all tax revenues are released to the taxing districts.

If the Measure passes, urban renewal would finance infrastructure like roads, utilities, and parks, as well as other projects that facilitate private development consistent with the Town Center Plan’s vision.

If the Measure does not pass, the proposed Town Center urban renewal projects would not be completed and the tax revenues generated from expected private development would not be realized.

Please remember to vote this May.

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