Planning the Future of Town Center

Wilsonville Town Center is approximately 100 acres and encompasses the properties north of Wilsonville Road, within and adjacent to Town Center Loop. City Hall, and other City offices, the Wilsonville Public Library, the Community Center/Senior Center, parks, the post office, and Clackamas Community College are in and near Town Center. Town Center has been developed gradually over the years without a unified vision to guide public and private investments.

Located at the heart of Wilsonville, Town Center is a hub of shopping, recreation, education, transit and civic activity. Wilsonville City Council established the Town Center Redevelopment Plan as one of their priority goals for 2015‐2017 and Town Center is designated as a 2040 regional town center by Metro’s 2040 Growth Concept.

Town Center Plan will guide development in Town Center to create a cohesive, unified district that enhances existing assets in the area and sets the stage for new development. The Plan will provide a community-driven vision for Town Center and strategic actions that will establish a clear path forward to advancing the vision. The strategies may include new projects, programs, partnerships, or policies that will foster an attractive and accessible place for visitors and residents of all ages to shop, eat, live, work, learn and play.

Next Steps

In January and February 2019, a Draft Town Center Plan will be reviewed by community members, Planning Commission, and City Council. Comments and edits will be incorporated into a final Town Center Plan. This Spring, City Council will consider the Plan for adoption.

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